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M/S Sebead Worker, Swire Seabed’s multipurpose vessel for seabed operations.

New CEO at Swire Seabed

by William Trenchard

Taking over from Hans Martin Gravdal, who retired from full time duties on 30th April, Arvid Pettersen started as Swire Seabed’s new CEO on May 1st.


“Mr Gravdal will remain on the board of Swire Seabed, so we will be fortunate to continue to benefit from his many years of valuable experience in the subsea sector” Pettersen explains.

Arvid Pettersen, CEO.

“What did you do prior to taking up this post?”

“I was Managing Director at the Norwegian Underwater Intervention AS (NUI), a Statoil-owned company which concentrates on underwater safety and research. Before that, I worked with DOF Subsea, Geoconsult and the Royal Norwegian Navy.”

“What were your responsibilities whilst at DOF Subsea?”

“I established and was Managing Director of DOF Subsea Brazil, but has also served in several other management positions.”

“What excites you most about your new position?”

“Swire Seabed has the opportunity to maintain its position at the forefront of ultra-deepwater subsea exploration and use the expertise developed through groundbreaking salvage and cargo operations across a range of industries, including the oil & gas and renewables energy sectors. Being part of the Swire Pacific Offshore group will provide a strong international platform to achieve this, with the company’s presence in over 20 locations worldwide on 5 continents as well as dependable reputation in the oil & gas and now renewables sectors.”

“Please tell us some more about the salvage work Swire Seabed has undertaken.”

“During the summer of 2012, Swire Seabed set a new world record for the heaviest and deepest recovery of precious metals from a shipwreck known to date. Seabed Worker completed the successful salvage of a large quantity of silver from a shipwreck at 4,700m depth. Seabed Worker also performed the recovery of a number of rocket engines at 4,200m depth in the Atlantic which were used during the Apollo space program.”

“What do you see as the greatest challenge in the subsea industry today?”

“The subsea sector currently suffers a shortfall of well qualified and experienced personnel. It is essential to guarantee that competent supervisors, pilots and technicians are sourced to operate ROV vehicles and other subsea equipment. The expansion of the industry will strain access to engineers and project managers, particularly during busy periods, so Swire Seabed is working to develop rewarding career structure programmes and will strive to offer interesting project opportunities to employees both onshore and offshore.”

For more information on Swire Seabed please contact:

Arvid Pettersen, CEO

Telephone: +47 9079 3494


Visit Swire Seabed’s website.