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Edda Ferd, which will be delivered in October, is the first example of Østensjø’s new Mindset concept.

Mindset for the future

by Tore Friestad

Østensjø Rederi has developed the world's most environmentally friendly PSV, the Edda Ferd. She is a true child of the Mindset concept, which shall ensure that the company is at the forefront of technological developments.


“Mindset will be our guideline for future development. For us, this means finding solutions to three challenges: To produce power as efficiently as possible, to lower overall power consumption and save energy through knowledge," says Johan Rokstad, CEO of Østensjø Rederi.

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Leader of technological trends

Mindset is about finding cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions to the challenges faced by the offshore shipping sector. Since the 1970s, Østensjø Rederi has been at the forefront of technological development and, thanks to Mindset, is now prepared to continue that trend.

"Our main challenge going forward will be to reduce the environmental effect of our business while at the same time providing a superior service and contributing to increased profitability for our clients. By finding innovative solutions, developing new technologies and using existing technology in innovative ways, Østensjø will continue to lead the way forward," says Rokstad.

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“Mindset will be our guideline for future development», says CEO of Østensjø Rederi, Johan Rokstad.

The world's best

The platform supply vessel (PSV) Edda Ferd, which will be delivered in October, is the first example of the new Mindset concept.

"Upon delivery, Edda Ferd will be the world’s most environmentally friendly PSV, using 25-30 % less energy, and thereby fuel, than comparable vessels, with a corresponding reduction in emissions. This has been achieved without compromising the quality of a ship that will set a new standard for PSVs," says Rokstad.

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Award winner on the first attempt

Edda Ferd and Mindset have already received positive attention in the offshore sector. The Edda Ferd and Østensjø Rederi won the prestigious Environmental Award at the Offshore Support Journal Awards. They are also nominated for the Nor-Shipping Next Generation Ship Award.

"This inspires and motivates us to further develop Mindset, and shows that this is something the market is very interested in," says Rokstad.

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Good for the planet

He explains that Mindset is applicable to all of Østensjø Rederi's vessel types, not only PSVs.

"We strongly believe in this concept and are confident that many of our customers and partners will find it interesting. Mindset is a good fit with the thinking of those with ambitious earnings, cost-efficiency and environmental goals. In other words, our solution is beneficial for both the customer and the environment. Edda Ferd is just the beginning, as we say, imagine what we can do when we set our minds to it," Rokstad points out.

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