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Nor-Shipping is an important meeting place, which facilitates the creation and development of contacts with a view to future business

The important meeting place

by Tore Friestad

"Players in the shipping and maritime industry come here to find the latest in technology, discuss various skills and trades and to network," says Nor-Shipping Director Vidar Pederstad.


Nor-Shipping is an international network arena in which the Norwegian maritime industry plays a crucial role. Nor-Shipping is scheduled to be held for the 24th time, running from June 4th-7th. The theme this year is the same as that of 2011: "What's Next?"

"It was such a good question that we had to repeat it. For the maritime industry, it's always about looking forward. It will also be very interesting to compare what was said two years ago with the situation today, and what we now believe is the way forward," says Pederstad.

Vidar Pederstad, Director at Nor-Shipping.

Facilitating for business

A new addition this year is the Venture Forum. The goal is to add a new dimension to Nor-Shipping, which aims to bring entrepreneurs and capital investors together.

"We wish to create a meeting place for entrepreneurs and capital investors, which is very important for many startup companies. Nor-Shipping will facilitate all types of business transactions," says the Nor-Shipping-manager.

Future game changers

Nor-Shipping's Opening Conference will bring together top executives from world-leading companies, including Claus V. Hemmingsen, CEO of Maersk Drilling; Andreas Sohmen-Pao, Group CEO of BW Gas and BW Maritime; and Walter Qvam, CEO of Kongsberg.

"There are major challenges and great opportunities within the sector. The opening conference reflects this. Political and commercial "game changers" will tell us how they see the future. It will be incredibly interesting," says Pederstad.


Another important element of this year's Nor-Shipping is the marketing of the fact that the Norwegian maritime sector has close links to the offshore sector.

"Approximately 60 to 70 percent of GDP in the Norwegian maritime sector is created offshore. Therefore, the Agenda Offshore conference of 5 June will be an important meeting place for oil companies and the maritime hub. Many major players, including Helge Lund of Statoil, Andy Brown of Shell and Maria das Silva Graças Foster from Petrobras will be present, and this shows how seriously the oil industry takes this," says Pederstad.

Plans for the future

He points out that one can easily look upon the offshore sector, aquaculture and maritime hubs as a Norwegian super-hub and a very attractive business community for the future. That is one of the reasons Nor-Shipping cooperates with these hubs on recruitment.

"During the exhibition, the Ocean Talent Camp will show, at City Hall, 11,000 secondary school students the opportunities the industry offers. Growth and innovation slow down when an industry doesn't have a steady stream of competent employees. It's important to have a long-term plan for securing the talent you need in the future, and that is why we want to welcome young people, politicians and the general population to the OTC, says Pederstad.