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The first construction phase includes the expansion of the quay front, new street layout, parking facilities with entry point on the far left of the picture, the construction of the first office block to the left of the picture, as well as a basement under three buildings.

Transforming 90,000m2 in Bergen

by Bjørnhild Vigerust

Next year, Marin Eiendomsutvikling will begin the development of the shipyard in Laksevåg, Bergen. "This will make both the district and the entire city more attractive," says the managing director.


The development plan for the shipyard area in Laksevåg was recently approved. The regulatory area represents an area of 194 acres; consisting of 135 acres of sea and 64 acres of land. The managing director Asbjørn Algrøy (pictured) of Marin Eiendomsutvikling AS, owner and developer of the area, is looking forward to fulfil the development plans.

"This is the last remaining major coastal area in Bergen to be developed. And that makes this project exciting. Eight new constructions, with a total area of 70,000 square meters, will be constructed. Considerable sums shall also be invested in the restoration of existing buildings, and new infrastructure, such as roads, streets and quays," explains the managing director.

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3,000 jobs

Existing players in the business area are mainly associated with maritime activities. The objective of Marin Eiendomsutvikling's development is to facilitate knowledge-based industry, with the emphasis on marine and maritime commercial hubs.

"We already enjoy significant maritime economic growth here, and we wish to develop it to include both marine and petro-maritime activities. We are already in dialogue with several potential tenants within these hubs. Over a 10 year period, we see the potential for creating 3,000 new jobs in the area,” he says.

The first block will have up to 10,000 square meters of office space over six floors, and will be mirrored in Byfjorden with views over Fløyen and Ulriken.

Indoor parking

Construction will start in 2014 and will progress gradually until 2025. The first phase will include investment in infrastructure, such as streets, and the completion and expansion of the quay area. Furthermore, a new four-storey parking facility of 24,000 square meters will be constructed, in which all tenants can enjoy indoor parking facilities.

"We will simultaneously build the first of a total of eight new office buildings, which will be bright, modern, low energy buildings with large glassed areas and open public spaces. Three of the office buildings we will also have a large basement of 7,000 square meters and eight meters in height, which can be used for both manufacturing and storage,” elaborates Algrøy.

A more attractive district

With just three kilometres from the centre of Bergen, and within15 minutes from Bergen Airport Flesland via the new Ringvei Vest, the new Laksevåg will be a very attractive place to work and reside, states the managing director.

"The development will certainly increase the attractiveness of both the Laksevåg district and Bergen as an attractive city for locating skills-based industries.

"We have noticed increasing interest in the development area, and the town. Major housing projects are planned in close proximity to the commercial area. This will further increase the area's attractiveness as a location for new businesses and housing. Laksevåg will be the new major central business area in the Bergen region," adds Algrøy.

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