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Maritime CleanTeach West is a business cluster working on technologies for more energy effective and sustainable shipping. Maritime CleanTech West aim to become the leading cluster of maritime green technology.

Making the maritime industry greener

by Janne G. Sørgulen

Maritime Cleantech West is located in the Southern area of Western Norway, in the middle of one of the world's most complete maritime commercial hubs. The maritime expertise, built up over generations in this hub, is the springboard for the ongoing development of new energy-efficient environmental technology.


In order to be competitive within the maritime sector, one must combine a green mindset with the development of environmentally friendly and cost effective technology. That was the basic idea when the Maritime Cleantech West (MCTW) hub was established in 2011 by a group of companies in Sunnhordland.

Cooperating on challenges

In addition to the companies, the hub contains environmental education and research and development institutions.

"For us, the hub provides an arena in which we can discuss ideas and thoughts with other companies that are not competitors and with whom we are not in contract negotiations. This paves the way for further cooperation," says the project leader in Fjellstrand, Edmund Tolo.

Greater combined weight

As a member of MCTW, Fjellstrand has cooperated with several other companies, even competitors, to collaborate on common challenges.

"MCTW has also worked hard to facilitate better conditions for the development and commercialization of environmental technologies. It is important that we cooperate and gain greater weight by presenting a single message as a united hub," says Tolo.

Vital renewal

The companies in the hub will be at the forefront of increasingly stringent environmental requirements and challenges with regard to future access, and price increases, to fossil fuels.

“If one wants to be competitive in the international market, one must also have a thoroughly researched climate profile. One may be left behind if one only offers vesselss with old technology," says Kjell Sandaker, project engineer with Eidesvik.

Thinking holistically

The member companies of MCTW have expertise in a number of different areas, which facilitates cooperation.

 "Among the companies in the hub, we have participants from throughout the maritime value chain: Design, shipyards, equipment and ship owners, surveyors and research and development environments. It is important to think holistically when developing a concept with optimized energy consumption," says the project leader, Økland.

The amalgamation of many different companies is not random. According to Økland it is very important to think holistically when developing sustainable concepts from a life cycle perspective.

"Several of our projects are based on the need to think holistically. The cooperating companies each have different areas of expertise which is necessary for creating new and solid innovative solutions, which are competitive in terms of , operating  costs and the environment.

Can open several doors

According to Ingve Sørfonn, Chairman of the board of MCTW, the tech hub aims to become a world leader in environmentally friendly technologies within the maritime industry.

"The challenge is accessing the market, which is still developing," he says.


Maritime Cleantech West

  • MCTW is a hub of innovative maritime companies in Hordaland and Rogaland
  • Working with arenas and networking to create progress-oriented, innovative and competitive solutions within the maritime sector to reduce environmentally harmful emissions into the air and sea.